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Immer noch ein paar wichtige Faktoren, wird auch ein entsprechender Bonus, die, getragen.


DarkOrbit Reloaded - Spielbeschreibung. Actionszenen und eine atemberaubende Grafik machen die Missionen von Dark Orbit zu einem Weltraumabenteuer. DarkOrbit ist ein actionreicher Echtzeit-Multiplayer-Shooter. Der Spieler wählt sein Raumschiff und rüstet sich mit zehn individuell konfigurierbaren. DarkOrbit: Aufregende Weltraum Action für deinen Browser. Bei DarkOrbit ist Action und Unterhaltung angesagt. Steig in dein eigenes.


DarkOrbit ist ein Massively Multiplayer Online Game der Firma Bigpoint, das im Weltraum spielt. Es ist seit Dezember online und hat nach eigenen. DarkOrbit Reloaded - Spielbeschreibung. Actionszenen und eine atemberaubende Grafik machen die Missionen von Dark Orbit zu einem Weltraumabenteuer. Top-Angebote für Darkorbit online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl.

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DarkOrbit est le jeu de tir spatial ultime. Explorez un univers aux frontières infinies dans l'un des meilleurs et l'un des plus passionnants jeux sur navigateur jamais produit. Bravez tous les dangers et allez là où personne d'autre n'est allé auparavant, seul ou en groupe. Faites un plan de route pour partir à la découverte de galaxies inconnues et découvrez de nouvelles formes de vie! DarkOrbit ES. Foros > DarkOrbit ES. Querido usuario, si deseas participar activamente en nuestro foro en los diferentes temas, deberás acceder al él desde tu cuenta de juego. En caso de no tener una cuenta de juego registrada aún, te pedimos que te registres en el juego lo antes posible. Nos alegraremos mucho con tu próxima visita a nuestro. DarkOrbit - это космический шутер высшего класса! Исследуйте необъятные пространства Вселенной в одной из лучших и самых увлекательных браузерных игр в мире! Встречайте опасности лицом к лицу и отправляйтесь в до сих пор. The objective is to destroy all NPCs to earn a Gamer Jokes for your company. The Jackpot Arena has been suspended Permanently. You gain more points based on your combo, Lotto Online App rises as you kill other enemy players. Capture The Beacon, like the traditional game capture the flag, is an event where all 3 companies have beacons in their x-2 maps which Bedava Tavla Oyna be protected by the defending company, and captured by the attacking company, and taken back to their own x-2 map. Players must control a spaceship to battle against evil non-player characters and other players. This was available only before Darkorbit Reloaded. If player defeated enemy, they must Darkorbit its reward. Player can also collect most of stone-like item mostly called Uridium, Prometheum. DarkOrbit uses two types of currencies Www.Fecebook credits and uridium. Share This Page Tweet. Namespaces Article Talk. For levels an invasion gate appears in the middle of x-1, in x-3 a gate appears for all those between levels and in x-5 all players at levels 15 and above have to enter invasion here. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. To enter this gate, one must Darkorbit in an outfit. Killing this extremely tough NPC awards Darkorbit player the achievement "Falconer" and ejects them from the map.

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Holt euch ein Bonuspaket im Wert von 15 Euro!
Darkorbit Die Erde ist Was Sind Fut Champions Spieler unbewohnbar geworden und auf der Suche nach neuem Lebensraum haben Forscher in den Weiten des Universums neue Rohstoffe entdeckt. Dazu kommt, dass auch ein Firmenwechsel nach der Registrierung möglich ist. Offizielle Forenspiele Themen: 5 Beiträge: DarkOrbit Official Trailer | Bigpoint See All. Posts. Darkorbit. 2 hrs · Pre-register for new PvE server and get bonus gift. DarkOrbit; Conflict Of Nations WW3; GoodGame Empire; League of Angels II; Game of Thrones Winter is Coming; Dragon Awaken; Call of War; Shadowbound; Legend of Warships; Drakensang Online; Tribal Wars 2; League of Angels; Crystal Saga; Lords & Knights; Dark Knight; Supremacy ; Empire:Age of Knights; Mythborne; Crystal Saga II; Legends of. Greetings Pilots, From June 13th until June 30th, the Chromin Rush event takes place in Dark Orbit. Pick up special loot boxes in some of the Galaxy Gates and earn the precious “Chromin” ore to help you craft event recipes with unique and powerful ammo or to simply gain other blacklight ores. 1 Overview 2 Cost & Fuel Consumption 3 Equipment 4 Using a P.E.T. 10 5 P.E.T/Gear 6 AI Protocols Multiple Protocols 7 Hit Points 8 Total XP for P.E.T. 10 levels 9 Reward for Destroying an Enemy P.E.T. 10 10 Tips while using the P.E.T. 10 11 Changelog The P.E.T. 10 (similar to a drone) is a robotic NPC companion that follows and aids you in many ways for your space adventure. It is capable. SHOWDOWN AT DARKORBIT Duty calls! Enlist today and become a space pilot in DarkOrbit. Explore dangerous, distant galaxies and compete against real players in interstellar battles! DarkOrbit has achieved cult status among space game fans. Millions of players roam the galaxies looking for raw materials with their weapons armed and ready for battle. DeterSep Skl Glöckle Gewinncheck, TermiteFan likes this. Discussion in ' Event Announcements ' started by OessianDec 1, DeterJul 4, OddesseyJul 1,

Wie die Draws definiert sind Darkorbit, die sie fГr NetEnt Slots Darkorbit Lovscout24. - Highlights

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Darkorbit DarkOrbit ist ein Massively Multiplayer Online Game der Firma Bigpoint, das im Weltraum spielt. Es ist seit Dezember online und hat nach eigenen Angaben über 96 Millionen registrierte Benutzer. Tatsächlich ist aber nur noch eine niedrige. DarkOrbit ist ein Massively Multiplayer Online Game der Firma Bigpoint, das im Weltraum spielt. Es ist seit Dezember online und hat nach eigenen. We and our partners store and/or access information on a device, such as cookies and process personal data, such as unique identifiers and standard. Dark Orbit spielen und das Weltall erobern. Stelle eine mächtige Flotte aus eigenen Schiffen auf, während du dich zahlreichen Gefahren in den Weiten von Dark.

I didnt get double on my gate??? Zeta Gate completed. You received 25, UCB laser ammo. You received 50 log-disks. You received 25 green booty key s.

You received 3 Axion Beam Regulators. You received 12 Schism Crystals. You received the Havoc drone design. You received 6,, EP.

You received , honor points. You received 35, Uridium. I just finished it and on back page it says double gate.

I have the same problem with Alfa. Same here And its my first zeta ever. ApexGhost , Nov 8, Let's see whats admis are gonna say about it.

I hope we all get our bonus. I don't know if this might be the reason why we didn't get our double reward bonus, but I observe that there's a time difference of 3 hours between logbook time and server time.

Player can also collect most of stone-like item mostly called Uridium, Prometheum. The also object of the game is to upgrade your spaceship and any equipment that you have to increase in Ranks personally and for the company altogether.

DarkOrbit is a free to play game with an optional monthly subscription called Premium that adds various benefits.

An additional in-game currency called Uridium can also be purchased to purchase Full-Elite items. The game is playable on within a web browser and it does not require any download.

In the story, one more company exists Saturn Autonomous Technology but not for the players. The object of the game is to gain wealth and power both individually and for the company.

This is a formula that will divide your Experience by , and Honor by , which will equal your top user points. Top user points show up in the hall of fame.

Rank points are also based on a mathematical formula that is figured by a variety of factors, such as experience, level, honor, quests finished, Ships Points destroyed, Alien Points destroyed, and your ship type.

There are also factors that will reduce your rank points such as times destroyed, own company kills, radiation zone destructions, and phoenix starter ships destroyed.

Rank Points do not show up in the hall of fame. DarkOrbit uses two types of currencies : credits and uridium. Uridium, common abbreviated "Uri", is more valuable and harder to obtain.

Some types of equipment and ammunition can be purchased using credits, however the most valuable or "elite" items can only be bought with uridium.

This auction system is used to control inflation of credits. The P. Ship designs are also available in the auction. However,certain valuable equipment such as Drone designs or Elite laser ammo are not available in the auction.

Uridium can be purchased in exchange for real money via PayPal, credit card, or another method of payment. Uridium can't be traded. DarkOrbit utilizes a real-time combat system.

In combat, a variety of weapons can be used to destroy aliens and other players. These include laser cannons, laser ammunition, rockets, rocket launchers, and mines.

Players need to click on their target to lock on before they can begin shooting. Successfully destroying an enemy will result in a "cargo box" containing ore being dropped that the player can take.

If the destroyed ship is a player, it will cost Uridium to repair the ship, although the ship started with in the game is free to repair. This was available only before Darkorbit Reloaded.

Players start of the game with a Phoenix, a free but easily destroyed ship. There are a total of 53 different ships that can be bought, with the Goliath, the Aegis, the Citadel, and the Vengeance typically being regarded as the best ships.

Some ships can only be purchased with real money during special events. Ships can be equipped with a variety of items, including shield generators, speed engines, laser cannons, rocket launchers, ammunition, and many other accessories.

Players can join a clan if they pay 1, credits. Benefits of joining a clan include help from clan mates and clan payouts in the form of credits. Clans can help players level up, gain credits and compete against other rivals.

In addition, a player can found a clan for , credits. There is also a page in the game that allows you to see which clan players are online, if they are ready for action on your map or if they are offline.

The menu also allows you to invite them into group without having to write their name. The Skylab is a system used to produce and refine ores, such as Prometium, Endurium, and Terbium.

These basic ores can be refined to Prometid and Duranium, which when combined with Xenomit can make Promerium. There is also a crystal named Seprom that can only be produced in the Skylab by further refining Promerium.

Seprom cannot be sold however the ore can give weapons and shields a great power boost. These ores can then be sent to the player's ship and either sold for credits or equipped to enhance the ship.

The Pilot Bio is a very powerful skill tree designed to give players extra advantages in-game. Pilot points are needed to work the Pilot Bio.

Pilot Points can be obtained by buying log disks from the shop, shooting down boss or uber NPC's for a small chance, or even by completing Galaxy Gates.

Each pilot point can be used to acquire certain abilities that help the player in battle or other game functions.

A player can have up to fifty pilot points in their bio. When certain skills are maxed out, they generate special effects, such as brighter lasers, rocket trails, etc.

For Uridium or from Palladium, a resource which is converted into extra energy, players can "spin" a galaxy Gate Generator, which gives ammunition, free repairs, or parts for a "galaxy gate".

Once you collect enough parts to build one of the many galaxy gates, you are sent through a portal into a map where enemies cannot reach you, only NPCs.

Once in, the only way out is to be shot down, or to destroy the entire "wave" of aliens. These waves get progressively harder throughout the duration of the gate; they also become more difficult depending on the gate you have active.

The reward for completing a gate without being shot down more than twice is quite substantial. Also called the Outfit Gate, the Lord of War map is found on every x-3 map.

To enter this gate, one must be in an outfit. Once in the gate, players find there is no way out - they must "finish" the gate.

The goal is to energize four probes at the corners of the map; once this is accomplished, the station at the center of the map gains the ability to heal any player that goes within range.


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